The Mediterranean Academy of Architecture will be taken to contest 2 scholarships for the 6 workshops for the year 2012/2013, in the city of Cava de’ Tirreni (Salerno), at the Mediterranean Fab Lab, located at Mediateca MARTE. The themes of the workshops will be: Rhinoceros and Grasshopper; Processing; Mapping Data Meaning; Open design; Interactive Design; Robot in Architecture.

below the NOTICE:

The Mediterranean Academy of Architecture (Medaarch) will be taken to contest two scholarships, for the year 2012/2013.

The two scholarship provides for:
-The coverage of the costs of registration for the following workshops:
1 Workshop) Rhinoceros e Grasshopper; from 1st to 4th nov, 2012
2 Workshop) Processing; from 14th to 16th dec, 2012
3 Workshop) Mapping Data Meaning; from 31st gen to 03rd feb, 2013
4 Workshop) Open design; from 25th mar to 1st apr, 2013
5 Workshop) Interactive Design; april, 2013
6 Workshop) Robot in Architecture; may, 2013

free access to the fab-lab and free use of machines for works and researches about the project of scholarship.
the accommodation during 30 days (may/june) for the preparation of the thesis project.

The winners of the scholarships will develop a research project within the structure of the Academy, for a period of 30 days.

Both scholarships will be awarded on October 27th, 2012.

How to submit the candidacy

Candidates should send to e-mail address the following material:
– the “application for admission to the scholarship” completed in all its parts, and available for download at the following link application for scholarship;
european C.V. (pdf format) with authorization to the processing of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/2003 art. 13)
motivation letter (not exceeding one page a4, pdf format)
portfolio (pdf format, max 1MB)
abstract of the thesis project (maximum 1 page A4, pdf format)

Thesis project for the year 2012 – 2013
The winners of the scholarships will be able to develop a project in the form of thesis, within the structure of the Academy.
The thesis project will begin at the end of the six workshops, for a period of 30 days. The six workshops are an integral part of the thesis project, because they are the essential elements for the development of that research project.
Candidates are committed to develop a thesis project that enters into the three areas reported below:

– area 1: Digital Agriculture, and Rural 2.0
The projects in this area will be aimed to finding innovative solutions for the development and innovation of practices relating to agriculture and the recovery of craft traditions, in a horizon of social and environmental sustainability.
In particular, the candidate must develop an idea that can combine new technologies, open systems, data collection and the area of agriculture.
As an example we report this project:
The project can also relate to the revaluation of housing issues in rural/natural areas, that work around small communities, through the recovery of local traditions for the vital support of these communities. As an example we report this project:

area 2: Open data and Open City
The projects presented in this area, will be directed to the development of “smart” systems and “smart” practices for use of the data that can use for improving the quality of life in the city.
In particular, the candidate have to make a report of projects and/or platforms through open practices (sharing, p2p, co-design) that can contribute to the creation of community that revolve around specific interests (open source design, digital fabrication, car sharing, bike2bike ..) As an example we report the project
The project can also relate the development of platforms for the management/visualization of data from different fields of knowledge that implement useful interaction with the urban environment of the city.

– area 3: New Materiality: computational design for digital fabrication
The projects in this area will investigate the relationship between design possibilities offered by software of computational design and manufacturing capabilities, and construction offered by the use of CNC machines.
In particular, the candidate have to make a research project to investigate and strengthen the interaction between the design aspects and the actual construction of the building, through the design of machines for making “ad hoc” or the discretization geometries designed for a “smart” manufacture. As an example we report the project:

Admission Requirements
Will be accepted the applications that will have the following requirements:
• have submitted an application for admission to the “scholarship Medaarch 12/13” by the time limits.
• Have not birthday, at the use-by date of this notice, 36 years of age
• Do not use, at the use-by date of this notice, other funds or agevolations provided by Medaarch.

Standards of selection
For the selection of candidates will be assessed:
1. _ European C.V.
2. _ Abstract of the thesis project
3. _ Portfolio
4. _ Letter of motivation

The evaluation criteria  and the respective scores are so divided:
1_European C.V.
Maximum score: 4 points
Training and previous pertinent experiences

2_Abstract of the thesis project
Maximum score: 9 points
Evaluation criteria:
– The abstract must have relevance to the respective areas in which it is presented: 4 points
– innovative quality of the proposal: 5 points

Maximum score: 8 points
Evaluation criteria:
– Interest and relevance of the projects presented in the portfolio, to the areas: Max 4 points
– Professional competencies already acquired for the development of the thesis: Max 4 points

4_Motivational letter
Top Score: 4 points
Evaluation criteria: Exposure of the motivations and objectives of the candidate.

NB: In equal point, the scholarship will be awarded to the candidate of a minor age.

Rates and Terms
The deadline for sending the application of the scholarships will expire on October 27th, 2012 at 24:00. Will attest the correct registration, the date and the time of send the e-mail with the required documents.
The final ranking will not be made public, but any candidate may request a copy of this.
The winners of the scholarships will be notified by mail.
The candidates must to inform by themselves about the outcome of their candidacy.

Organizational Aspects
Within 4 days of receipt of notice of award of the scholarship, the winners will formalize the acceptance of the scholarship and regularize the registration, by written notice to the Organizing Secretariat by e-mail:

In case of no acceptance of the scholarship within the time specified, will proceed to scroll through the ranking.
The academy reserves the right to change the schedule of workshops, the dates and contents..
The academy reserves the right to accertain the veracity of the statements made.
In the case of false declarations will proceed according to the law.

NOTE: The participation at contest for the scholarships doesn’t preclude the access to workshops and to the facilities provided. If you are interested to partecipate at the first workshop (grasshopper data fields) we suggest you to send the registration form for this workshop, before October 21, if you want to take advantage of the discounts provided for the above course (sending the application form on the website doesn’t provide costs. This helps us to give you the coordinates for payments), or before October 26, if you are not interested in the discounts. If you win the scholarship, the workshops would be free, of course! If you don’t win, but you are still interested to partecipate at the first workshop, we would be worth signing up for this, with the reduction, if the application form is sent before October 21, with no advantage if the application form is sent after 21 October.

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